Find a Lawyer Online

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Need to find a lawyer online? With the abundance of lawyers listed online, individuals can become overwhelmed. Because of this, your focus should be on finding the right lawyer for your specific situation rather than just any lawyer specializing within a specific discipline. Lawyers often market themselves online using keywords they believe individuals will type in to find them. The better the keywords the more “hits” the lawyer will get.


For example if you type in “the best lawyers online,” several groups of lawyers will pop up advertising themselves as the best lawyers and may even name their companies “The Best Lawyers Online” because the keywords are so popular. The problem with finding lawyers online is that you have no idea how good they really are until you have actually retained them, and by then it might be too late. Here are some tips to finding the best lawyers online.


1. Many state bar associations have a board certification process along with rules that govern legal specialties. Check to see that the lawyer online you choose has the proper credentials and board certifications.


2. You can check out the lawyer’s web page to determine whether he or she is board certified in the specialty or subspecialty you need.


3. Ask for references from the attorney and call those references. Google the lawyer’s name online and see if the lawyer has had any bad reviews.


4. Check with the better business bureau before retaining any lawyer online


The bottom line for finding a lawyer online is that it doesn’t cost anything to find out if you have an actual legal problem that requires a lawyer to represent you. In other words, you can call any lawyer and briefly tell them about your case before meeting with them. Most lawyers will advise you on whether they can help you before making an appointment. If they will not answer your questions before you come in, move on. Once you have found two or three lawyers you like, set up an initial consultation and let them know right up front that you are interviewing other attorneys. Ask for a free 20 or 30 minute consultation to determine if the two of you can work together. Most attorneys will agree to this although most people never think to ask for it.